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Fresh, handmade dishes featuring the best of local ingredients...


a savoury crêpe made with buckwheat flour (GF)

1. Ham, emmental cheese and fried egg

2. Spinach, brie, walnuts, emmental

3. Salmon, cream cheese, dill, lemon, emmental

4. Tomato, bacon or mushroom, emmental

5. Chorizo, red onion, tomato, emmental


1. Lemon & Sugar

2. Nutella

3. Nutalla & Banana/ strawberry

4. Nutella & homemade brownies

5. Bacon & Maple syrup


1. French brie & Devon chutney

2. Serrano ham & emmental cheese

3. Bacon, Lettuce, tomato / (vegan)cheese, lettuce, tomato

4. Egg salad & Lettuce

5. Cucumber & Mint cream cheese

6. Smoked salmon & Dill cream cheese, lemon

7. Bacon & egg


We cater for most dietary needs. Please tell of us of any allergies prior to ordering so that we can provide full details.

We always have a GF and Vegan cake available and can make your galette or crêpe vegan & gluten-free.

Please understand we can only offer a limited menu due to current circumstances. 

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